October 14, 2013

Kickstarter fully funded! Geronimo, Life on the Reservation

                                                          Copyright 2011 art by Sherri Bails
I promised Rudy I'd thank you all for your Kickstarter pledges. I'll keep you posted here about his latest news. You did hear that Steve Railsback will be directing, didn't you?
Rudy is mapping out theatres all over the Southwest for his show. Of course, March 22nd, 2014, will be the premiere at the High Chaparral Reunion in Tucson! Rudy's website for his Geronimo show is: http://www.geronimolifeonthereservation.com/ 
 Years ago, John Wayne told my husband that he was tired but if he retired, all of his film family would be out of work. I think of that conversation when I see how much work this show is generating even though it is billed as a one-man show.
The next time you watch a movie, try to count how many worked on the production on the end credits. Read the jobs. Everything from actors to caterers. Whatever you paid for that movie, whether it is on cable, Netflix, or in a theatre, the economy got a big bang for your buck!
Well, I got sidetracked. I can do that. I'm a writer. but I'll quit now because you may have your own work to do!
Thanks again for helping Rudy! Janelle

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