August 07, 2013

Surviving Arthritis, How to Live on a Rocky Beach, Kindle article

This is the trailer for my Kindle article on surviving arthritis.
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About the time I was coming down with a chronic illness, teenagers were wearing tee-shirts that said, "Life's a Beach!" I wanted to stop one of them and scribble underneath, "Yeah, but some beaches have rocks!"
Surviving Arthritis, How to Live on a Rocky Beach is a non-medical, motivational article for those who have arthritis and other autoimmune issues. Most people get light to moderate discomfort upon getting arthritis, but some of us get severe cases of it. I wrote this article for them. As I have firsthand experience with this condition (I was first diagnosed in 1984). I can honestly say, "Been there. Done that." Article, Kindle, $2.99 USD


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