November 05, 2012

The Idaho Baker and The Real Deal- Barack Obama for President

The last time Obama ran for president I wrote a post that was picked up by a newspaper on the other side of the country. In it I stated that other candidates were Tater Tots and what this country needed was an Idaho baking potato. It was true then and it is even more true now. President Obama has earned another term and we’ll be foolish if we don’t give it to him. Romney is a light-weight. A Tater Tot in the truest sense of the word. From the time President Obama took office he has waded through the mess left by the earlier president. At the top of the list are two wars we couldn’t pay for but that’s not even the true issue: they were wars that should have never been fought. The list of other issues that need addressing is too long to go into: our economic, health care, energy, and infrastructure problems, etc. etc. etc. We need a true statesman like President Obama to keep us going forward. Romney is just another Tater Tot politician who won’t be able to produce the results we need. Vote, ya’ll. God Bless America and God bless our president, Barack Obama. Janelle Meraz Hooper

Ms. Silent Nomore pays us another visit:

Tonight I have watched biographies of President Obama, both on CNN and MSNBC--2 places that I go to for mostly the facts. Both told essentially the same basic story...nothing new--I was there. I lived it. But in the space of first 90 minutes and then 60 minutes, I was reminded just WHO this man is. What he has accomplished for us. How he made the decisions that literally brought our country back from an economic collapse (his economic advisors had told him that the country had just a few days before our economy collapsed.)

  How, in the face of incredible political opposition (the Republican leaders of our country, on Inaugeration Eve, plotted to oppose him at every turn), he managed to do the things he did.

    How he managed to change the image of our country from a horribly negative one to the very positive one we have today. He managed to create hope, both here and in the world.

   And he still managed to be an incredible husband and father.

   We have just seen, in the face of Hurricane Sandy, what he has done to coordinate the supplies of this nation for those victims.

  For 4 years, he has had our fronts and backs. He is the REAL DEAL.

  May God keep him safe and bless this country with 4 more years as President of our country.
Cordially as always,
Ms. Silent Nomore

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