November 05, 2012

Message to Ohio and Florida voters in line

A message to the Americans standing in line to vote in Ohio and Florida: Don't give up! Don't let the Republicans win! Here on the west coast, our hearts and minds are with you. I know you're in a bad spot, but our president needs you.

Al Sharpton, courtesy of MSNBC, on the GOP's war against women, closing statement: "And that's why the election is not about Obama. It's about your momma!"

It's no accident that the message from Glinda is right below the message from Rachel. WE HAVE THE POWER. USE IT. WHAT ARE YOU SAVING IT FOR? VOTE!
The Republicans are at it again. Know why? Because it always works for them! If we'd stepped on their $#!@?! the first time they did it, maybe we wouldn't be where we are tonight. I am sickened over their dirty tricks and lack of patriotism.
Ms. Silent Nomore, where are you when we need you?

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