March 07, 2012

New interview on Walt Shiel's blog

What's new in Puyallup-
Today, I had a new interview posted on Walt Shiel's (Five Rainbows) blog. You can see it here:   
Those of you who have had questions about my Oklahoma background and my teepee connection may find it interesting.

This week I made the posters for a Northwest Authors' Book Event. I think they may be my last marketing project until I get my printer replaced. It seems to balk at printing color. This machine definitely doesn't fit my personality. I'd buy colored paper towels if they were available. Oh, no. I guess I wouldn't--it'd probably kill the fish in the streams.

On my bed table- I've just finished a terrific out-of-print book by E. A. Burbank, the famous American Indian painter. It's title is Burbank Among the Indians. This may be my favorite book in the world. Even before my new Gauguin Polynesia book that I got at the Seattle Art Museum exhibit last week. That's really saying something.

On my living room sofa table- The Melagro Beanfield War by John Nichols. I loved the movie--it has a magical ending--and  I've always wanted to read the book. Loving it so far, but it is different. He definitely has his own style!

I'm always trying to increase my reading time. It isn't easy because my vision isn't as good as it once was. A few weeks ago I added yet another lamp in our living room and it has been the answer to my prayers. My reading has increased along with my comfort level. All for just a $15.00 lamp! As my husband likes to say, I'm a cheap date!

On my television- I'm still watching the old classic movies on the Turner Movie Channel. Love them.

My one-man show, Friending Geronimo, is making the rounds of LA little theatres in Los Angelos, looking for a home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The illustrations are coming in for Mr. Hop's Garden. I plan to publish this book on Kindle. The stories are already written but there's a queue for artwork by my illustrator, Sherri Bails. Right now, she's doing a large watercolor of an African singing group.
 I love the epigram that I found for the front of the book,
“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
Frederick Douglass
I work on setting up the format whenever I get a spare moment.

Coffee! I need coffee! Hope you're having a wonderful week.
Happy reading!
Oh! I almost forgot- Bernie Madoff you King of Thieves and destroyer of people's lives, what's for lunch over at The Big House? I hear it's pig's feet tacos. Yum-Yum!

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