March 20, 2012

Amazon Prime promotion, A Three-Turtle Summer

Amazon promotion May 20th-24th, 2012
Valid in the U. S., UK, DE, & FR!

This week, Amazon Prime members can get a free Kindle copy of my first novel, A Three-Turtle Summer for free. Read the five-star reviews on Amazon (  and on my website, 

The first book in my Turtle Trilogy, A Three-Turtle Summer, is the first place winner of the 2002 Bold Media Award for fiction. The next two books in the Turtle Trilogy, As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries (finalist in the 2004 Oklahoma Book Awards and first place fiction winner in the 1999 Surrey Writers' Contest) and Custer and His Naked Ladies are also available for purchase in paperback and Kindle.

A Three-Turtle Summer
 Janelle Meraz Hooper
An entertaining book about women who stick together to help one of their own find her place in the world for herself and her daughter…

Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 1949…Grace and her five-year-old daughter, Glory, are living through A Three-Turtle Summer—a summer so hot the turtles are dying. It’s also the summer that Grace’s sisters and mother join forces with Grace to help her dump Dwayne, her abusive husband, who her sister Pauline says is “meaner than a rattlesnake and dumber than adobe.”

Besides her Hispanic family, a rich list of characters also assist in her escape, including: Sako, an American-born Japanese neighbor whose former home was the internment camp at Poston, Arizona; two gay dance instructors; a Negro gospel singer who sells lip-smackin’ Barbecue out of the trunk of her new orange Cadillac convertible; and Rudolf, her older sister’s husband who’s a colonel in the Army.

This women’s fiction story, set in the Southwest, will appeal to women everywhere who are looking for an absorbing story with a happy ending.

It's a good read. I promise!

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