December 20, 2011

Hello, World!

(The ornament that's round with lots of colors is a sand dollar that our
daughter painted when she was about eight...a long time ago!)

12-29-11 Hello! I'm getting ready for Christmas. This is the stage where the tree is still crooked, some of the lights aren't working, and my Christmas cards still aren't in the mail. But, like magic, everything will fall into place by five o'clock tonight. Merry Christmas, everyone! And Happy Hanukah to my Jewish friends. I missed Ramadan completely this year but will make it up to you next year. Where did August go?

Before I get back to the Christmas tree I want to stop and welcome all of my readers from Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, and other countries too numerous to list. I laughed the other day when the stats showed I had one reader in Canada. ONE! Ha! I try to write very clearly so that I'm easily understood. If you are having any problems with this blog or any of my books, please let me know. Sometimes a word will pop up in the news that I think is funny so I'll use it. Sometimes, it isn't even a real word but something another writer has made up. I'll try to be better about that.

Before we know it, we'll have a new year. May we all find peace and justice.

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