December 07, 2011

Children's Christmas Story!

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Ribbons at Christmas

Janelle Meraz Hooper

 This is a story about a cat. A house cat. He belonged to a little girl named Hannah. She had named her cat Ribbons because, when he was a kitten, he loved to play with the gift ribbons that were kept in a box under the stairs in the pantry.
  Ribbons was a very good cat eleven months out of the year, but the twelfth month was almost his undoing.
  It was Christmas! The month of holly, silver bells, and CHRISTMAS TREES! It wasn't just the tree itself that got Ribbons into trouble. Oh, no, the tree in his house was dressed in twinkling lights, shiny Christmas Balls, and long silver icicles that hung almost to the floor.
  None of these beautiful things, of course, were meant for Ribbon's entertainment, but no one thought to tell him!
  As soon as the last ornament, the golden star, was placed on top of the Christmas tree, and all of the lights began to blink, Ribbons went into action.
  His first leap was from the floor to the sofa. Then from the sofa to the middle of the tree. He
was well on his way to the top when he felt the tree begin to tumble. The next thing he knew, he was on the floor, and the tree was on top of him! Lights, icicles, and Christmas balls were scattered all over.
  Dad was shouting, Mom was yelling, Hannah was crying, and Gramma and Grandpa were laughing. What a lot of racket!
  Ribbons was so frightened and embarrassed that he ran for the basement. He hid in the very back of the pantry, under the stairs. He was very frightened and fully intended to stay hidden until there wasn't a scent of pine left in the house!
  Meanwhile, upstairs, the family had rearranged the tree and it looked as good as ever. Everyone was very sad, knowing Ribbons must be so miserable in the pantry. Finally, even father admitted he missed Ribbons. He went to the top of the stairs and called down, "Ribbons, I'm sorry I threatened to make you live in the barn. Please come upstairs and spend Christmas with us!" But Ribbons wouldn't come upstairs.
  Next, Mom went to the head of the stairs and called down, "Ribbons, I'm sorry I called you clumsy—please come upstairs!"
  Gramma didn't bother to say anything. She just went to the kitchen and made much ado about pouring dry cat food (Ribbon's favorite) into his bowl. Before she put the food away, she shook the box a few times in the direction of the stairs. Ribbons had to have heard that! But still he didn't come.
  Grampa took the strong approach, "Ribbons," he commanded, "get up here!" But that didn't work at all. Ribbons just shrank back further into the pantry.
  The house became very quiet. If things didn't improve, it was going to be a very sad Christmas!
  There was only one person left who hadn't spoken to Ribbons and asked him to come back upstairs—Hannah. Now, Hannah was very small but somehow she knew what to do. She went to the tree and took off the shiniest red satin ball. Then she very carefully backed down the stairs on her hands and knees, holding the shiny red ball close to her heart. Quietly, she made her way to the very back of the pantry, and sat down next to Ribbons. She gave him a big hug and pulled him onto her lap. Next, she placed the shiny red ball between his paws.
  Before long, the rest of the family could hear a very playful Ribbons and a very clever Hannah playing on the stairs with the shiny red satin Christmas ball. Soon, they would be all the way upstairs.
  Gramma went to the kitchen for milk and cookies for was going to be a very Merry Christmas, after all!

The end
Merry Christmas!

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