June 06, 2010

It's good weather to read!

Hanauma Bay-More research for Bears in the Hibiscus
(Mary thinks the last person she wants to see on her Hawaiian vacation
is her ex-brother-in-law, a Montana Park Ranger...)
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What's up? Rain, rain, rain! Two of my friends have grabbed their copy of Bears in the Hibiscus and fled for Hawaii. We had a good day yesterday, but the rain moved in again during the night. In my old age, I have become a realist. We opted to put plastic furniture on our new deck. It was a good decision. Those gorgeous deck sets in the catalog won't float, I'm sure.
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On my TV- Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow with film of the oil-covered birds on the gulf. It's too sad to watch; I have to turn away.
On my Kindle- The Jade Owl, by Edward E. Patterson. This book is pushing all of my buttons. First, it's character-driven, and has the most delicious characters. Second, the subject is about China and Chinese artifacts. As a part-Hispanic, I was always in trouble with my mother because I was drawn to Asian design. She took it very hard. I'm particularly partial to Asian porcelains and fabrics. The writing style could use a little tightening up, but that's a minor issue. I can barely tear myself away to do my own writing! It is pure enjoyment.
The Angel's Game-by Carlos Ruiz Zafron- This well known Spanish author has more books than a restaurant has tortillas. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I expected. I'm blaming that not on the writer but on my American reading taste. I don't like to read dark and gloomy stories. Also, I was puzzled because it didn't draw me into the story until I was at the halfway point. It felt as if, at that point, a different translator took over. I have no idea if that is true or not, but it felt that way. But try it; you'll probably like it. It's a very good book.
On my bed table- cough drops. Just kidding. I've just finished Helli Jondoe by Randall Platt. This young adult novel is a real winner. Briefly, it's the story of a young, orphaned street waif who is sent West on a train and indentured to work on a farm for three years. Based on historical facts, it is a novel with real teeth in it. Hellie has it all: good story, good writing, humor, and drama. If you have a young adult in the family, get it. If not, all the better--you won't have to share it.
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"I'm so busy I don't know if I found a rope or lost a horse." Unknown, courtesy of Joyce Stevens
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