May 30, 2010

Off-shore drilling must stop!

Waikiki Beach- Now, this is what I call research...

My dad didn't ever say much that I could carry into later life, but he did say one thing I remember: "Girl, sometimes you have to use good old common horse sense."
This is one of those times. We most likely have destroyed the gulf area by the oil spill. Now, don't get all governmental-elitist on me and give me a bunch of crap about how people who know more than I do are in charge. THEY ARE NOT. And don't tell me BP needs and deserves understanding and patience. THEY DO NOT. And don't even bother trying to debate with me about whether or not BP was greedy, negligent, and untruthful. THEY WERE.
Now for the government. They were lazy, incompetent, weak, and possibly guilty of criminal negilgence. THEY WERE.
This gulf area, as other bodies of water, is an important food source for the world. Let's not even go into the economics of the fishing industry. I'm sorry for their lose, but let's stay focused on the main crisis. We cannot allow BP and other oil companies to continue to drill offshore even if they promise not to ever screw up again. THEY WILL.
Stop off-shore oiling. Stop it now. It doesn't take a genius to see what's at risk. All it takes is a little horse sense.

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