July 13, 2009

Is the bottom of your canoe dry?

© 2009, Janelle Meraz Hooper, canoe

If it's the middle of the summer (and it is) and the bottom of your canoe is dry, you're doing something wrong...
What’s up?

What are you reading?
Write and let me know!

Around the house- My husband and other family members are rebuilding our deck. Our grandson says it's so big he wants to paint it green and make a golf course out of it...
Favorite movie lines- “…real peace is not just the absence of conflict, it is the presence of justice…” Harrison Ford as the president in Air Force One.
On my laptop- a new website by children’s writer, Ginger Foglesong Gibson: ReadGinger.com. Ginger writes spectacular bilingual (English-Spanish) books for children. Check it out!
Tech news- The price of Kindle has come down to $299.00 (from $359.00). Woo-hoo! Ya’ll run out and buy two!
In my emails- video from my friends, David and Maddie of a Montana bear pole-dancing. Where was he when I needed him?
On my bed table- Kleenex.
On my Kindle- The Angel’s Game—looking good so far, & Adios Havana, I just got this one, and I’m anxious to read it.
On my Facebook- Two friends who can give me first-hand info on having iguanas for pets. No, I'm not getting one, it's research!
Politics- Is there no end to Cheney’s unlawful mischief? Geez, Louise, he’s like a scientist gone mad.
Bernie- What was for lunch today over in the big house, Bernie? Boston baked beans again? Yum-yum!
Quote du jour- "Whoever said 'nothings impossible' never tried to nail jell-o to a tree" - Lisa Bryant

eBook offer: Recession buster! Read my new humorous romance, Bears in the Hibiscus, for only $3.00! This same book sells for $7.96 on Amazon’s Kindle.

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