July 07, 2009

If it's summer it's soccer...

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Photo- Where have I been? It’s summer, and summer means soccer around here. The photo is of our daughter waiting for a game of a family member to start. We were in a tournament in Yakima, east of the mountains—where they have sun. How clever those Yakimites (?) are. They have soccer tournaments every summer, and everyone from the rainy side of the mountains races over—whether they play or not. Of course, more than a few of us go for the pork chop breakfasts. Not me, of course. I’m as pure as the driven yogurt. NOT!

On my laptop-online Speed Spanish- I’m about to wrap up my online Speed Spanish course. What a bugger it turned out to be for me. I’m about to throw in the toalla. How come it was so easy for my mother? Oh, yeah…she was Hispanic. When I was growing up they didn’t want us to learn Spanish because they feared we wouldn’t do well in school. Translation: they thought we were too dumb to learn two languages, lol!

Around the house- We haven’t used our pasture (originally a raspberry field) for years, but we got good use out of it on the 4th. We drove right out to the middle and watched the neighborhood fireworks, and there were a lot of them. I wanted to watch 1776, the movie musical, a favorite of mine, but the fireworks were so beautiful with the moon in the background that I forgot to go in on time. I’m going to buy that movie. I see it about three times a year and never tire of it.

Green writer- Discovering Kindle—all of my books are now on Kindle, and I’ve become a real Kindle user because of it. I’m reading books I never got around to reading, new books I’d never get to otherwise, and books just for the heck of it. I hear Jeff Bezos is working on a Kindle that I can take in the shower…

On my TV-
Favorite movie lines: “Somebody has to go to prison…” Sadusky (Harvey Keitel) to Ben Franklin Gates (Nicholas Cage) in National Treasure.

In my emails- According to MyLife, a 63-year-old woman in Istanbul looked at my web page. Really?

On my Kindle- I’m a reada, and I’m a reada, but I’m still only halfway through Wuthering Heights. Isn’t this author (Bronte) dead? Can she be adding to the book as I’m reading it?

On my Facebook- Irma Fritz’s announcement that her novel, Irretrievably Broken was #1 in Kindle sales on Sunday. Irma’s characters are so entertaining. What a good read!

Bernie- A 150 years, Bernie? You should only live so long!

Quote du jour- “A liberal is a conservative who has been arrested." Tom Wolfe

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