February 03, 2009

Republicans and Wall Street still don't get it!

Coming in February 2009!

Bears in the Hibiscus, an eBook
Janelle Meraz Hooper

Mary Bergstrom, a single mom, has left her twenty-five year marriage and entered the work force for the first time.
Luckily, she has found a job she loves and two good friends who are also starting their lives over. Despite challenges, they haven’t lost their positive, humorous outlook. Mary has a plan to make a success of her new life that includes fiscal stability and excludes men. Not that she has anything against them, she just thinks she can’t afford them. Unlike Mary, her friend, Roxanne, is launching a detailed plan to find Captain marvelous with a yacht. Ray, another friend, bounces from coffee baristas to business moguls looking for love that’s lasting and real.
Mary’s plans aren’t that grand. All she wants is a Hawaiian vacation so she can relax. Too late, she discovers her ex-brother-in-law, Mark, a park ranger from Montana, will be there at the same time for a conference on state parks. He leaves a note for her at the hotel desk warning her to watch out for bears. He hasn’t seen any, but he thinks there might be
Bears in the Hibiscus.
Mark’s interest in her brings complications she isn’t ready for: romance; wealthy, demanding in-laws that she didn’t like the first time she’d married into the family; a jealous and vindictive ex-husband; and a greedy and crazed ex-sister-in-law who dumps her two daughters to follow a con man into a scheme to get-rich-quick raising emus. Then, when that fails, she takes off with a rich Arab in a silk keffiyah.
Mary can’t deny she may have found true love in Mark, but is it worth it if it means being a part of that family again?

More info soon

Now you know where I've been! Politics or no, a girl has to work! Not that I haven't noticed how badly the Republicans and Wall Street moguls have been behaving. They just don't get it. I'm hoping Obama jerks a knot in their tail (he says he's got to be conciliatory, but I don't!).

Message to the Republicans: Knock it off!

Message to Wall Street: We want our money back!
Quote du jour:
"Never write a letter. Never throw a letter away." Mayor Richard J. Daley, Chicago (courtesy Keith Olbermann, Countdown)

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