January 11, 2009

Mt. Rainier in a flood mode

Mt. Rainier, January, 2009

Maybe you heard. After our snow, came floods. I know this is a lousy photo, but it was lousy weather. This is what millions of gallons of snow looks like when it's melting into the local rivers and towns. The good news was, our levies held--there was some doubt if they would when the river rose 36 feet above flood level. All in all, great weather for writing. I got all the way through another edit of Bears in the Hibiscus.

It's two in the morning, and I've never dazzled anyone at this hour (Well, maybe when I was much younger...). Before I go back to bed, who's watching Bush tomorrow?

PS- If anyone needs a creative way to save a 100-year-old Chickering from flood waters, let me know...

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