August 21, 2008

Playing catch-up

The Oklahoman,

Our summer has been lousy here. Bad weather. Too much work. Too much politics. Not enough Olympics.

Bears in Hibiscus-Maybe I'm on the third rewrite. I've kind of lost track. But it's going well.

My Custer and His Naked Ladies was reviewed in The Oklahoman:

On my TV- The Melagro Bean Field. I saw it for the first time two days ago.If you haven't seen it yet, get it.

On my bed table-All of the Elizabeth Lowell's romance books with pearls, amber, jade, or rubys in the title. I think Midnight in Ruby Bayou is the best, although the one about the Pearl Cove is probably the steamiest. Whoa! I need a do-over! I missed a lot when I was young!

Also,The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon. I'm just getting into it, but it looks promising.

There was one more that I won't mention by name because I think it was so poorly written, and I don't feel mean today. Can you sleep your way to the top in publishing? I think so...

A lot of my reading is in the research category, so I won't list those. I have a habit of reading books on anthropology for weeks and then end up actually using only a few lines. It's just one of the perks of being an independent writer (wink, wink).

The Olympics- I worry too much. After what our president and his sidekick Cheney have done to the world, I was really fearful that the Olympic audience might break tradition and boo us. It was a great relief when they didn't. Thank you, world. We'll do better next time.

And the sight of Putin--who had just invaded Georgia--and Bush sitting so close together cried out for a big water balloon. If I'd had my druthers, Bush would have already been wet for the gaul he showed when he lectured China on human rights. Talk about nerve. I'll be so glad when he goes back to Texas.

I'm not an Olympic enthusiast for the medals. I'm into it for the pure joy of seeing our youth (mostly) get together in one place without guns. Wasn't it John Paul Sarte who said, " When the rich start wars, the poor die?" I can never get enough of those young faces, gleaming with pride and sweat. Those bodies, strong and able, and those eyes, bright with the joy of competition.

I missed the competition I would have liked to have seen the most. I have looked all over the Internet for the film of the Mongolian wrestler who won his country's first gold medal. How exciting!

Kindle- I'm seriously taken with Amazon's Kindle, and hope to start putting my books on there within the month. Before I heard of this magical machine, I was dead set against a book that wasn't a real book. Made from real paper, with a real cover. But lately, due to the rush I've been in to get information, I've discovered eBooks. The fact that I think they're really, truly awful has been outweighed by speed. SPEED. As in having the information I need in munutes, if not seconds. It's addictive, and I think there's a Kindle in my future, if I can ever afford the sticker price (at last check, it was $359.00 on sale).

Note: while I'm on eBooks, they are not just for nonfiction. The next time you're short of something to read, check out Jim Muri's eBook site: Jim tells a great story. I loved Blue Water Blues and Growing Milo.

No time to edit! I know my font button is jammed...

Quote du jour:

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." Voltaire


David said...

Wow, a whistle-stop tour. Thank you.

David said...

BTW, well-done on the review.