September 21, 2007

Cover for Custer and His Naked Ladies

9-21-07-The book isn't available yet, but here's the cover! I imagine the book will be available for order in the next two weeks or so. Don't miss this one. It's a hoot! For those of you who don't know your flowers, those are naked ladies on the cover. Now, you didn't think I'd write a racey book, did you? I know some of you will be disappointed!

On my bed table-The Comanches, Lords of the South Plains by Ernest Wallace and E. Adamson Hoebel. As a child, my mother told me about an Indian treat that some Indians carried to town in a paper bag. For years, I've wondered what was in the bag. Now I know. It was pemmican! A mixture of dried meat, nuts, fruit and fat. The settlers loved it too, and used to slice it like bread and dip it in honey!

On my TV-The Travel Channel -They had a show the other night on undersea UFOs that I slept through. Luckily, I had the tape machine going (it had been a rough day).

Quote du jour:

"If we don't save our mother's stories, who will?" Jim Bodeen, With My Hands Full (Con Mis Mano Lenas) This has always been a favorite quote of mine. I got permission to put in on the front page of my first novel, A Three-Turtle Summer. That book is full of my mother's stories!

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