August 10, 2006

They hate us! They really hate us!

© 2006 Janelle Meraz Hooper (Long Beach, Washington)

8-10-06-In the news :
Wow! They hate us!
They really hate us! The latest plan to blow up multiple planes brings into focus (again!) how much the terrorists hate us. I’m speechless. Well, I’m not—not really—but it’s pointless to repeat what I’ve said in the past. Don’t think I’m not still mad at Israel, because I am!
China-I’ve become numb to war news, but I broke down and cried at the news about the Chinese having to kill their dogs because of a rabies problem. I couldn’t even finish the article, so I don't know... don’t they have rabies vaccine over there? If not, can we send them some?
On my DVD machine-Rick Steve’s travel shows, courtesy of a good friend. I’m going to watch them all, I am. I really am. IF I can get myself to stop watching the show on Italy. Could I be Italian? Is there a Rio Grande there? I guess not...
On my bed table-I won’t say because I’m really hating it. I should have listened to the reviewers. It’s a book by a well-established writer and I’m thinking it could have used another rewrite and some intersting characters. And maybe a plot. If there is one, I haven't found it yet. It must be good to be famous and be able to slop a book together. Don’t email me about this. My lips are zipped.

Language- Wakaree (Comanche), turtle

In the mail- As I writer, I love and honor all language. The Comanche Language and Preservation Committee has a dictionary out that is terrific. It has Comanche to English and English to Comanche sections. Price $34.00 that includes shipping and handling. They also have other language materials in a varied price range, some come with a CD to help with pronunciation. Contact them:
Comanche language and Cultural Preservation Committee
P. O. Box 3610
Lawton, OK 73502-3610

Quote du jour:
“Sometimes I think war is God’s way of teaching us geography.” Paul Rodriguez

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