October 29, 2010

Vote Patty Murray!

Vote for Patty Murray!
Photo courtesy of Sierra Club. Alright, I swiped it from them.
What are they going to do about it, feed me to the whales?

10-29-10- Patty has done a good job for the people of Washigton and our country. Whether or not you are in agreement with our political process, power in the U. S. Senate stems from seniority. In Patty, we have a 3-term senator who has proven her ability to function as a U. S. Senator and is a powerful voice for the State of Washington. In these economic times, replacing her with a junior senator with no voice and no position of power is not smart politics. Her opponent, Mr. Rossi, has run for governor twice. Now he is running for the U. S. Senate. The Washington electorate has twice made the correct decision and should, once again, reject Mr. Rossi's attempt to feed at the public trough he so vehemently opposes. Dino Rossi: Not ready for prime time!

Vote, Washington! Rock the vote!

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