November 06, 2008

My work here is done.

*And Beyond! courtesy of Walt Disney

I think my work here is done. Frankly, it didn't go as well as I'd hoped. My goal was to open logical, thoughtful conversation between our left and right. What I got from the right was far from what I'd hoped for. And the emails I got, most of them, were sent to my personal email box. I guess few were willing to express their thoughts worldwide. But it's time to move on and get back to my normal literary blog. I've missed it!

One last thought: Barack Obama has given us a great gift before he has served a day in office. No, I don't mean the history he's made by being our first black president. That too. But what I'm referring to is how he and his staff has shown us how to use the Internet for good. Our good. Do you feel empowered? I do. Do you feel stronger? We are!

I did community work for years because I felt I had some control in my neighborhood. National and world matters, I thought, were out of my control. Not anymore! Change has truly come!

With my little mouse, I can reach all the way over to D. C. and smack them if I want to.
And so can you. Never forget it. Thank you, Obama.

God bless and keep our new president and his family. God bless and keep The United States of America.

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