March 13, 2008

The pressure is on

Statues in Fremont, Washington, 2007

The townspeople have a lot of fun with the statues in Fremont. Their attire changes with the mood and the season. I love the town of Fremont. It's full of creative people; ya'll go visit.

Years ago, during an illness, I learned to appreciate the small things I could have (chocolate, popcorn, friends, books), as opposed to the big things (bigger houses, cars, and bank accounts) that everyone else in this country seemed to be clamoring for. I understand this urge to have everything super-sized because most everyone in this country is working so hard they are ruining their health. Might as well die happy. To an outsider, it may seem like an easy fix. Just work less. I wish it were so, but for every person working himself to death in this country there are at least a few hundred standing in line behind him, willing to work the same hours for less. The pressure is on. I have no where to go with this, but I just remembered a French woman in a news interview criticizing Americans for working so hard. I wish I could transport her to this country for a while. She'd soon learn that this is the land of milk and honey, but it comes at a very high price, and she might find herself with the choice of being over-employed or unemployed*. It's a tough balance. *Please don't email me about this run-on sentence. I'm still on my first cup of coffee.

David Southwell- At last, a blog post from fellow writer David Southwell. I was beginning to fear the Londoner had been trampled by a kangaroo on his recent book promotion trip to Australia. I'm gathering the trip was not without peril, but I'm so relieved to hear he survived. I'm a lousy traveler, so I empathize with his experience.

Custer and His Naked Ladies- Have ya read it yet? It would make a great beach read.

Go My Son-for those who have asked, the song really does exist, and information on it can be found from: email: or

I'm glad my readers are enjoying the Comanche words I've added. I handpicked words I thought you'd have a use for in your daily life. More info can be found at:

Quote du jour:

"It has been a bad year. The next one will be even worse." The Raisuli (Sean Connery) in The Wind and the Lion. I thought this was a good quote for an election year.

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