November 27, 2006

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Bark in Alaska
© 2005 Janelle Meraz Hooper

11-26-06- The election. Well, we did it. I haven't blogged until now because I couldn't stop giggling...I’m still not convinced the White House and the other Republicans have gotten the message. We’ll see.

Now, everyone in D. C., get to work! Enough with the political stuff. We want to see some action! If you’re short of ideas, you can start with minimum wage and healthcare. I know, I know…the Democrats aren’t in power until January, but you can start planning!

The rest of us: I wasn’t kidding about having to keep an eye on our new Democratic politicians. The way I look at it, we have just traded professional scoundrels for SITs (Scoundrels-in- Training). Watch them. Even so, I’m sure we made a great trade! I don’t regret a vote of it!

Other news (at last!)- Hooray for Coldwater Creek! I got a notice with my catalog that as of August, 1, 2006, they began using renewable energy to power 100% of their U. S. operations. This is what I’ve been talking about! We’ve got to take charge! As you know, this was an expensive investment for them. Let's reward them for their risk. I'm going to shop there soon...

Quote du Jour:
“ I’d give up chocolate, but I’m no quitter!” Christmas catalog humor

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