October 18, 2006

Got broom, America?

4th of July Street Fair, Steilacoom Washington
Ah! I got the picture to post! We have a great time meeting our readers at the local summer fairs. It was early when this was taken, but we get a good crowd! That's me in the middle. everyone always wants to know how much of the snake chapter in As Brown As I want, the Indianhead Diaries is true. Answer: ALL of it! Except for that one teeny-weeny part about the turtle...
Elfi (on the left) was there with her two autobiographies, Dancing to War and Shadow of Defeat (Spielberg where are you?), and Aline was there with her first novel, Gaby's Penance.
Come see us sometime! See our websites for more info!

10-18-06-This is a portion of a letter I sent to a local editor in 2003. After Bush’s signing a law that nullifies the Habeas Corpus law yesterday, I figure it bears repeating:
As a writer, for the first time in my career, I am afraid. I have a long history of protesting peacefully. I wrote Nixon during theViet Nam war and told him that "America wasn't silent because we agreed with him. We were silent because we were busy praying."
I signed the letter.
I was not afraid.

Things have changed. Now, whenever I protest, I wonder if the government--my government--will say I'm a terrorist. I never dreamed that we would someday have a president who makes Nixon look good. What have things come to?
(Please burn this e-mail—I am afraid.)
Janelle Hooper

Well, what have things come to? Why is it that our Congress has betrayed us? Why do we not expect our Supreme Court to reverse this law? Why is everyone rolling over?
Obviously, I don’t know. I wish I did. Shame on Bush. Shame on our Congress. Maybe, shame on our Supreme Court.
I’m thinking of putting a broom in my living room window symbolizing that we need a clean sweep. How about it, America? Got broom?

Quote du jour:

"Things are going to get a lot worse before they get worse." Lily Tomlin

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