July 25, 2006

Does Israel Have PMS?

Does Israel have PMS?
by Janelle Meraz Hooper

This week, I’ve been reminded of a bumper sticker I once saw on a car going down the freeway. It said: I have PMS—and I have a gun.
At least, the woman going down the freeway gave a warning. Where’s Israel’s bumper sticker?
Even worse, this little skirmish in the Middle East is just one of many. Trouble spots abound. The world is so full of hate that it isn’t doing a good job of caring for anything—it’s children, it’s parents, or the planet. Shame on Hezbollah. Shame on Israel. Shame on the warring factions in Iraq. Shame on the rebels of Somalia. Most of all, shame on the United States because, as a world leader, all Bush has done is lead us into war and squander our resources so that we can no longer react to a crisis as it happens. The best we can do is sweep it under the rug until, finally, even the rug explodes...
Here’s an idea for those people planning and executing the killings: stop the insanity and take care of your people. Look at what you've done! Stop it. Stop it now!
By the by…please don’t send me any more emails begging me to pray for the people of Israel. What about the poor people they’re killing, displacing, or making orphans? For that matter, when the two soldiers were kidnapped, there were two Israeli mothers crying. How many are crying now? It’s over a hundred, at last count. How smart is that? In the comic strip Pogo, Walt Kelly once said: “We have met the enemy, and it is us.” Pass out the bumper stickers.

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