May 15, 2006

"You came from a family of liars!"

Fantasy Cover for Custer and His Naked Ladies
© Grace G. Shondeck
5-15-06-I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. This year, I felt inspired. Besides our present to our daughter, I copied some of my mother’s stories, and put them in a folder with a design on the front. I totally misgauged how long it would take me to copy my mother’s handwriting into a Word document, and, as it turned out, it took me days. But it was worth it, and I hope my daughter gets a chuckle out of her grandmother’s stories. I did!
I’ve kept just about every letter my mother ever sent to me, so I imagine I’ll add some every year to the folder, which will most likely end up on a disk.
Both of my parents were storytellers, and that is probably at least partly why I write. My daughter is also a writer, so there seems to be a pattern developing. Once, I tried to explain to my Aunt Norah that I wrote because I came from a family of storytellers, and she replied, “You came from a family of liars!” Well, maybe so! But they were interesting liars!
Custer and His Naked Ladies-The third book in my turtle trilogy is coming along.

In the mail- As I writer, I love and honor all language. The Comanche Language and Preservation Committee has a dictionary out that is terrific. It has Comanche to English and English to Comanche sections. Price $34.00 which includes shipping and handling. They also have other language materials in a varied price range, some come with a CD to help with pronunciation. Contact them:
Comanche language and Cultural Preservation Committee
P. O. Box 3610
Lawton, OK 73502-3610
(Psst! I’ll bet they have a web site…)

I'm in a hurry today--I'll try to do better tomorrow...JMH

Quote du jour:
"If I had just ten minutes left to live, I’d write faster." Isaac Asimov

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